New Holiday Menu

*Available from November 1st to February 1st 2020

All orders Include: Oven baked bread smothered in garlic butter, rosemary and parmesan


Baked bread stuffed with sliced apples, old cheddar, drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with cinnamon and raisins


Wilted kale salad with asiago chips, pickled garlic and herb oil

Goat cheese tower

Poached Beet and cottage cheese salad

Three bean salad

Russian egg and caviar


French onion soup

Tripe soup

Bread dumpling soup

White bean soup with cheddar

Fish soup with garlic croutons

Wild mushroom and garlic cream soup

Roasted pureed zucchini topped with crispy onions and gorgonzola

New Year’s lentil soup


Beef Wellington

Roasted Pheasant

Caraway Roasted Duck

Garlic Roasted Goose

Roasted Turkey

Stuffed quail with apricot stuffing

Ox tail meat pie and au jus

Brie and cranberry quiche

Salmon fillet glazed with orange ginger and topped with sesame seed bark

Cornish hen with roasted fennel and stuffing

Rustic Sheppard’s pie with oxtail gravy

Beef tenderloin roast stuffed with garlic and topped with sautéed mushrooms and garlic

Layered baked root vegetable lasagna

Stuffed potatoes with beef, pork cheddar and topped with sour cream

Jagar schnitzel smothered in mushroom cream sauce

Cranberry and brie schnitzel

Hungarian goulash

Caraway roasted pork


Celery root mashed

Sweet potato baked with walnuts and pecans

Potato gratin with fennel pancetta and gruyere cheese

Roasted potatoes with dried cranberries garlic and herbs

Potato dumplings

Classic mashed topped with sautéed onions and butter


Bacon wrapped dates

Mini oxtail pies

Mini quiches with cranberry and brie/ crab and cheddar/kale, bacon and cheese/stuffing and old cheddar

Mini potato pancakes topped with melted sharp white cheddar orange and cranberry

Deviled eggs filled with avocado and Milford Bay smoked trout


Apple pie topped with caramel and cheddar

Cranberry and orange sorbet

Hazelnut cheese cake

Apple cranberry strudel

Lemon and cranberry bars

Butter tarts

Fresh fruit tarts

European Christmas cookie platter