Bohemian Boards

Welcome to the Bohemian Boards Menu. You will be sure to delight your guests and have them raving about any event you host for weeks after. Each and every one of the Bohemian Boards are unique and not one or two boards have ever looked the same. I am delighted to share with you that Bohemian Boards are now available to be ordered as meal stations for any event. Bohemian Boards are also available for drop off catering as well, there is a $175.00 fee for delivery and set up within the Muskoka area. 12 persons Minimum order.

“Dobrou Chut'”
“For Good Taste”

Bohemian Charcuterie

European cheeses and meats, baked brie topped with bacon and onion marmalade, gourmet crackers, jalapeno artichoke dip, roasted hummus dip, baba ganoush, veggies, local smoked fish, nuts, and fresh fruit


A variety of nuts, dried fruits, aged cheeses, rustic bread, pita and crackers, roasted vegetable, nut butter dips, olives, poached pears, local smoked fish, crab apple and old cheddar dip

Bohemian BBQ Boards

BBQ’d fall off the bone chicken legs and thighs. Baby back ribs. Asian grilled pork kabobs. Balsamic glazed beef kabobs. Curried honey shrimp kabobs

Choice of 3

Bohemian Grill Boards

Gourmet burgers. Garden burgers. Sausages and European hot dogs accompanied with all the fix-ins on the side. Served on an assortment of rustic freshly baked buns

Choice of 3

*Grilled Seasonal Vegetable Board

*Grilled Baked Potato Board

Bohemian Sliders Boards

Pulled pork sliders topped with pineapple, peach and mandarin coleslaw. Pulled beef sliders topped with whipped horseradish and crispy onions. Portobello mushroom sliders with goats cheese and herbs. All sliders are served on an assortment of rustic freshly baked kaisers

Bohemian Schnitzel In The Middle Boards

Pork schnitzel on rye topped with sauerkraut, onion and dijon. Chicken schnitzel topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and herbed mayo. Garden schnitzel topped with mango chutney and sprouts. Schnitzels are served on an assortment of rustic freshly baked breads and kaisers

Choice of 2

Bohemian Seafood Boards

Crab legs, lobster claw cocktail, shrimp cocktail, shucked oysters, gin and honey cured gravlax. All fix-ins accompanied on the side

Bohemian Pizza Boards

Margarita pizza, Pear onion, and blue cheese pizza, Meat lovers, Pickle pizza, Peanut butter, bacon, pepperoni pizza, BBQ chicken and pesto, Sloppy Joe pizza, Avocado, brie, pesto, tomato and onion pizza, Pepperoni and cheese, Cheese pizza

Choice of 3

Bohemian Taco Bonk Boards

Pulled beef tacos, Pulled chicken taco, Cod tacos, Grilled vegetables tacos, Sweet potato tacos, shrimp tacos. All fix-ins accompanied on the side

Choice of 3

Bohemian Wonton Boards

Lasagna wonton cupcakes, Pepperoni and cheese wonton sticks, Thai Chicken salad wonton cups, Buffalo chicken cupcakes, Caprese wonton bites, Taco wonton cups

Choice of 3

Bohemian Fondue Boards

White chocolate and stilton cheese, Swiss and herb cheese, Queso Cheese, accompanied with grilled vegetables, meats, assortment of rustic breads, baked chips, strawberries and grapes

Bohemian Antipasto Boards

Grilled vegetables, cured European meats, European cheeses, olives, pickled vegetable’s, assorted fresh baked breads

Bohemian Sandwich Boards

European open-faced bohemian potato, topped with ham, pickle cheese, egg and caviar, Open-faced Budapest with paprika creamed cheese ham and peppers, Open-faced crab topped with beet dipped lemon wedge, Open-faced smoked salmon with creamed cheese, capers, peppers and onion

Choice of 3


An assortment of fresh baked breads, European cold cuts, cheeses and all the fix-in on the side


An assortment of wraps, crab salad, egg salad, tuna salad, chicken Waldorf salad and all the fix-ins on the side

Vegetarian – Assortment of wraps, flat breads, vegetables, pickled vegetables, hummus, sprouts and cheeses

Choice of 3

Bohemian Dessert Boards

Bohemian tart board – Assortment of fruit and butter tarts

Bohemian petite fours board – Assortment of beautiful flavored European mini cakes

Bohemian doughnut board – Assortment of gourmet doughnuts baked locally

Bohemian cookie board – Assortment of home-made decadent cookies

Bohemian home-made dessert board, Assortment of home-made cookies, squares and tarts

Bohemian Salad Boards

Choose 3 salads from the menu

Bohemian Appetizer Boards

Choose 3 items from the appetizer menu

Bohemian Brunch Boards

Choose 3 brunch items from the menu

Bohemian Bridal Boards
$32.95 per person

Bridal Boards are brought and set up for the bride and bridesmaids who are getting ready before the wedding begins… It includes a mix of mini light appetizers, fresh fruit, vegetables and dips

*You can also customize your board, ask for details
*Ask About our Vegan and GF board