About The Bohemian Caterer


A Personal History

I make life delicious, and not just as a chef. As a mother, a friend, a sister and daughter, neurotic cleaner, food addict with a hereditary knack for the delectable, artist extreme in the kitchen. With my messy hair, jazz blasting in the background and a glass of fine wine in my hand, I try to take my craft to the next level.

My children are my harshest critics. They drive me to be my best self, and the love I receive from my family and friends (and chocolate) give me the strength to push myself to become the best. I am The Bohemian Caterer.

Both my parents are from Prague, and came to Canada in 1968. My father was a millwright, and built our house in Burlington Ontario along the Bruce Trail. When I close my eyes, I can still hear the running water from the little river by our home, smell the budding of the trees in the Spring and see all the wild life scrambling about hunting for food or what not. It was these memories that brought me to make Muskoka my home.

My Mother was in the fashion industry, and as we matured, she would often make my sisters and my clothing. Thanks to my mom we were always the best dressed girls wherever we went. When not sewing or chasing after us, my mother was in the kitchen with my grandmother Chef Babi. These two beautiful, strong, brilliant women set the foundation for my life, my love and my business. The music would start, laughter, love, wine and mouth-watering scents would ensue. My family loved to entertain, and our friends LOVED to eat Chef Babi’s creations. My Mother and Grandmother would create something delicious, healthy, and beautiful to observe. Every mouthful was a work of art. More and more of our friends would come over after school and partake in our families inviting hospitality.

My grandmother Chef Babi used to run The Grand Hotel in Cvikov, Czech Republic. She revelled in beautiful dishes and nothing made her happier than children made fat on her cooking. She taught us the potential of people coming together over a meal, and the fulfillment of watching their eyes ingest the beautiful presentation before the pallet ingests the ambrosia.


Humble Beginnings

In 1999 My grandmother, mother, sisters and I opened our first restaurant “Domaz” which means “Home” in Czech. European Cuisine with an artistic edge. Candle lit. Cozy. Chef Babi was beyond elite, creating meals that would bring applause. I remember she would walk out of the kitchen with a smile and bow to customers she considered family. She became known to high society, serving politicians and movie stars with all the class and inner strength of her upbringing. Over the years she passed these qualities on to us. Three years after the women in our family learned her Bohemian flare, we opened up our second restaurant in downtown Burlington, Bianca’s Bistro, with the same atmosphere and success as the first restaurant.

After eleven years Chef Babi fell ill. Her tutelage brought the woman in my family closer than I thought possible. Her and my incredible mother gave us the strength and skill to not just survive but excel in life. With a heavy heart we all decided to close the restaurant, and after her passing in November of 2011, we all went our separate way.

I moved to Muskoka, where I expanded my family and opened my own business. Just like Chef Babi, I love my food to be loved and in the memory of her and all the people who helped me along the way, I became The Bohemian Caterer.

“Dobro Chute”
(To Good Taste)

The Bohemian Caterer

Using Natural Ingredients that Mother Nature Provides

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